The Villa Arson is a unique organization whose brief is to develop, in tandem, activities involving training, creative work and introduction of artists into the contemporary visual arts field. It is therefore an art school, an art centre and an artists’ residence, all at once otherwise put, an essentially hybrid and multi-facetted institution.

Chairman of the board of directors : Gaïa Donzet
Direction : Jean-Pierre Simon
Art center direction : Éric Mangion
Learning and research direction : Amel Nafti
Chief administrative officer : Alain Avena
Accounting : Nicole Fradet, Hervé Gauthier
Executive assitant : Sylvie Pagnotta
School secretarial unit : Nathalie Balmer, Murielle Barrabino and Pascale Martinat
Human ressources : Isabelle Landon
Communication and public relations : Michel Maunier
Partnership and international relations : Catherine Verchère
Exhibitions production : Alexia Nicolaïdis
Exhibitions technical manager : Patrick Aubouin
Educational department : Christelle Alin, Nina Campo and Silvi Sarkysian
Editorial coordination and bookshop : Céline Chazalviel
Bookshop : Fairouz Ech Choayeby
Web and new technologies : Cédric Moris Kelly
Computing and network : Jean-Louis Paquelin
Multimedia library : Marie-Therèse Magnaldi  and Céline Ménager
Reception and maintenance : Joël Jauny
Reception : Isabelle Clausse, Dave Dhurmajee, Sihame Hmaïdi and Jean-Pierre Vitry
Building maintenance : Jean-Paul Carpentier, Patrick Irtelli, Gérard Maria, Philippe Martinat, Pascal Rigaux and Michel Serve
Gardens maintenance : Patrice Lorho, Pascal Pujol and Mario Malheiro do Cabo

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Art school
Educational department
Multimedia library
Communication and public relations
Partnership and international relations